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Fair Trade Coffee House – One of my Faves!

fair trade coffee house 1

Hey guys!  Our site is all about fair trade and I just wanted to talk about one of my favorite coffee shops I’ve ever been to.  I had no clue that this place even existed until I started living in the downtown area and literally lived next door to the coffee shop.  The coffee shop is called Fair Trade Coffee House and quickly became one of my favorite coffee shops of all time for numerous reasons.

The first reason is pretty obvious: it’s a Fair Trade business!!  Wooohooo!  You certainly can’t go wrong there.  As you may know, I’m all about fair trade.  Fair Trade Coffee House is definitely very careful about where they source their ingredients from.  It’s something that they’re just genuinely proud of.  The city that the establishment is based in is very liberal and pro-environment.  Given the nature of the city, you can be assured that the business is going to stand by its word.

fair trade coffee house 2

Second, the location is in a really, really cool and convenient area.  It’s located in the middle of state street which is the most bustling and fun part of the city.  It provides a very convenient place to grab coffee, work on projects, and interact with friends, but without having to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere.  You can easily walk to the bar the down the street, grab some food at a nearby restaurant, or even enjoy live music from various events or street performers.

Last, but not least, the actual environment of the coffee shop is AMAZING.  I would even go so far as to say that its better than most Starbucks establishments I’ve been to.  You’ll be delighted to see that they’ve got a great variety of products from well-sourced coffee to fresh fruit to sweet deserts to even protein-filled snacks that will help Vegans grow big muscles!  The products, however, are not what make the atmosphere great.  It’s the ENTIRE atmosphere that makes it great.  The bathrooms are super clean and not dirty, smelly or sketchy.  There’s a ton of seating.  You can’t say that about every establishment you go to.  Unless it’s super busy, which does happen from time to time, you should have ample opportunity to find a good seat.  The aesthetics of the business are also really nice.  There’s artwork, many of which come from local artists, that decorate the interior, the ceiling is really high, and everything looks extremely clean.

If you have a chance to visit, I would highly, HIGHLY recommend visiting Fair Trade Coffee House!  Simply the best!

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